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Who We Are

Synergenomics is a home for providers of genetic counseling and education.  Current needs include counselors wanting to work with patients in oncology and reproductive medicine but opportunities in other areas open up regularly so let us know your preferences.

Our mission is singular and unique to the industry.  We intend to become the employer of choice for certified genetic counselors looking to expand their career options.

What We Do

We support the nation’s best genetic counselors so they can focus on the highest best use of their training, time, and talent. We provide a shared, time-efficient work platform that supports remote work. We offer flexible,100% remote work options for either full or part time engagement.

Our genetic counselors have the freedom to choose their employment status as either an employee or an independent contractor and to work full time or only when wanting some additional income. You choose what type of work you enjoy most, what organizations and tests you want to work with, and when you want to work.

Our work platform includes integration into many clinical systems and protocols with rigorously vetted genomic research, education, counseling, and testing services. We can make available better patient background and clinical data, better clerical and administrative support, and higher-level clinical alerts to provide counselors with the support they need to enhance and extend their patient interactions to the highest level.

Additionally, our advanced clinical analytics toolset supports genetic counselors who are interested in research and publishing with the aggregation and analysis of the clinical data they need to support their work.

We also partner with select healthcare providers and organizations to deliver world class medical genomics to communities that might otherwise be underserved through our partnership with the Rural Genomic Cooperative.

Why We Do It

We are passionate believers in both the incredible promise as well as the practical benefits of genomic medicine. We are aware of the overwhelming amount of information being promulgated that requires both patients and providers to search for the valid science amongst all the hype and hyperbole.

We aim to be a beacon of clarity that serves patients and providers while protecting the true promise of genomic medicine from the corrosive impact of misinformation, misrepresentation, and conflicts of interest that can denigrate our field and our profession. We work with together with counselors, patients, and providers to deliver the information and insight needed to cut through the noise and make better treatment choices at the most appropriate time

If you share our passion, consider working with us!

Counselors must be a graduate of an accredited genetic counseling program and be board certified or board eligible.

Reach out today to discuss our flexible Work-From-Home Genetic Counseling positions. or submit this short form to indicate your areas of interest… even if just to stay in touch and be kept in mind for future openings or opportunities.